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iHRC3 Mission Statement

To Provide Individually Tailored HR Solutions for Our Clients that are Cost Effective, Compliant and Support the Organization’s Culture.

Thus… international Human Resources Corporate, Culture, Consulting

Why Choose iHRC3 ?

iHRC3 is a different kind of HR consulting firm, created especially to provide our clients with the consulting and project based human resources services they need to succeed and grow. Working directly with our clients, we provide individually tailored solutions for your every HR business need. Our team of human resources professionals are able to make a significant difference within your organization.

Why Choose iHRC3.com

Who Is iHRC?

iHRC3 is THE resource for discerning domestic and international organizations facing today’s Human Resources challenges. With a dedicated team of Human Resource professionals, iHRC3 keeps client costs under control, while delivering award-winning solutions for our client’s needs.


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